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Monday, December 27, 2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010

accessories for silkscreen/t-shirt printing

Manual 4 Colors And 1 Printing Station Printing Machine(New)

buy now and get some free accessories

completed/ready stencil/block

textile ink/die

inkjet film

wooden holder & squeegee rubber

wooden frame with mesh streching

photo emulsion

hand emulsion coater

ready made uniform

uniform for politeknik johor bahru-en din
with embroidery

custom made polo shirt -honeycomb

for badminton club/boy
polo shirt/honeycomb
with embroidery(front) & printing(back)

labels design

green leaf to EESB
labels for lubricating spray

round neck t-shirt with silkscreen printing

for crew rider johor bahru/mr sahidun
blue black round neck t-shirt
with 2 colors silkscreen printing

soo long

dah lame tul x add kat blog aku ni..............hehe...
ni new idea from joy.......amacam???
t-shirt with full color-iron on